• SDA Course - Private/Group

SDA Course - Private/Group



OSDA Classes Handgun Licensing

Group and private classes may be scheduled Saturday and Sunday. You may contact us prior to signing up or we will contact you soon after.

Business groups may host OSDA Classes or sign up for an exclusive class at our facilities.

Individual classes are offered for those who are inexperienced with firearms, cannot attend regular classes, or have other specific needs/disabilities.

Attending an SDA Handgun License Course (Concealed Carry Class) is the first step in the process of getting an Oklahoma Handgun License.

To legally carry a loaded pistol, concealed, or unconcealed, the state of Oklahoma requires you to complete a safety training course from a certified SDA Instructor.

In this course you will:

  • Learn Oklahoma self defense law
  • Learn safety and shooting fundamentals
  • Pass the written safety exam
  • Demonstrate safety and competency with a pistol in the live-fire exercise

You will then submit your certificate of completion with your application to OSBI for an Oklahoma Handgun License.

Class Information:

  • Please complete the sign up process and purchase the course to enroll. An instructor will contact you within 24 hours to schedule the time and date of your training.
  • 50 rounds of factory ammunition is required and may be purchased at the range.