• Defensive Pistol II

Defensive Pistol II



Defensive Pistol II: Seconds Count - Speed and Accuracy at Realistic Distances

2 Hour Course - $100

Please complete the sign up process and purchase the course to enroll. An instructor will contact you within 24 hours to schedule the time and date of your training.

Requirements: SDA Handgun License and Completion of Defensive Pistol I

  1. Mindset - Combat Focus
  2. Close Quarters Self-Defense
  3. Unconventional Shooting Positions
  4. Maintaining Accuracy and Acceleration
  5. Dynamic Drills under Stress - Level 3 Drills
  6. Ambidextrous and Emergency Manipulations

Defensive Pistol II Course incorporates all skills mastered in Defensive Pistol I and adapts them to realistic circumstances and distances. This includes safely employing the pistol and making combat effective hits at varying distances. This advanced session will incorporate multiple variables, problem solving, and finding a balance between speed and accuracy. This class will teach you how to train to train and maintain your skills at home and on the range.