• Defensive Pistol I

Defensive Pistol I



Defensive Pistol I: Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting

3 Hour Course - $75

Please complete the sign up process and purchase the course to enroll. An instructor will contact you within 24 hours to schedule the time and date of your training.

Bundle Individual Training with the SDA Handgun License Course to save $25.

  1. Defensive Handgun Safety Training
  2. Marksmanship Fundamentals and Technique
  3. Reloads - Type 1 and 2
  4. Live Fire Exercise - Level 1 Drills
  5. Malfunction Clearance Drills
  6. Live Fire Exercises - Level 2 Drills

This course will test and improve your knowledge of safety procedures and will ensure that you develop a solid foundation in marksmanship, fundamentals, and technique. Mastering safety, basic pistol manipulation, and malfunction clearance prepares you to perform in a real self defense situation. Efficiency eliminates waste movement and a need for fine motor skills which will be diminished when under stress. This course is guaranteed to make you feel comfortable shooting and handling a pistol and will significantly improve your ability to safely employ a handgun and make effective hits on a target.

Understanding the types of malfunctions and learning the 100% foolproof method to quickly defeat any malfunction is an essential skill. The student will learn how to quickly clear all malfunctions and get the firearm back in service. Level 2 drills incorporate special equipment to produce variable malfunctions and make use of specially designed targets (provided) to introduce dynamic targeting to improve body mechanics, target acquisition, accuracy, and speed.