• Defensive Pistol Class

Defensive Pistol Class

$100.00 $400.00


Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting

Take your training to the next level in our applied practical self-defense training course. This is the fun stuff! An instructor will contact you within 24 hours of signing up to schedule your training. We have instructors available Monday-Saturday.

Our class will cover:

  • Mindset - Combat Focus
  • Reloads - Type 1 and 2
  • Drawing from a Holster
  • Malfunction Clearance Drills
  • Ambidextrous Emergency Manipulations
  • Sight Acquisition and Unsighted Fire
  • Close Quarters Self-Defense Shooting
  • Shooting from Cover and Concealment
  • Maintaining Accuracy and Acceleration
  • Dynamic Drills Under Stress

Proper technique is vital to eliminating waste movement and quickly applying combat effective shots on target. This advanced session incorporates dynamic variables and teaches necessary self-defense shooting skills.

Class duration is 2 hours and requires a minimum of 200 rounds of factory ammo. Invite friends and family for group discounts. Range fee and targets are included. Holsters and ammo pouches are strongly encouraged but not required.

Direct any questions to Info@OSDAClasses.com or call 405.202.0607.