What does the passage of the Constitutional Carry bill mean for Residents of Oklahoma?

Beginning November 1st, 2019 anyone who is not legally (state or federal) prohibited from possessing a firearm may carry a pistol which meets the state's requirements for lawful carry. Oklahoma residents may carry a pistol openly or concealed in any place in which firearms are not prohibited by law.

NOTE: There are legal complications regarding persons with Medical Marijuana Licenses.

Why Constitutional Carry is good for Oklahoma residents:

Oklahoma will no longer require it's residents to wait on a printed license to arrive in the mail in order to exercise their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

You will no longer be required comply with any pre-requisites and submit verification to a government agency (OSBI) prior to exercising your right to self-defense and safety in public, your home, workplace, occupied vehicle, or place of worship. 

The existing handgun licensing process is as follows;

1. SDA Handgun License Training ($60)

  • Attend training
  • Pass a written exam
  • Demonstrate safety and competency at range 

2. Submit license application to OSBI ($100-200) 

3. Submit finger prints at local Sheriff's Office ($25) 

4. Submit picture to be displayed on Handgun License ($0-15) 

5. Wait up to 90 days or more for license to arrive in mail

What can go wrong:

Q: How many responsible and well-intentioned gun owners (or prospective gun owners) ask good questions in class?

A: Every one of them.

The Self-Defense Act is not an easy read and the concepts are not presented in a format that is easily understood. Having the opportunity to learn Oklahoma Law from an instructor who is well-versed in the Self-Defense Act is vital.

Why you should still get a handgun license:

1. States that have Constitutional Carry honor Oklahoma's Constitutional Carry as if your driver's license were a license to carry, however, states that do not have Constitutional Carry do not honor it 'reciprocate' our law. If you travel and want to carry in any state that does not have Constitutional Carry and reciprocates Oklahoma's official Handgun License, you need a Handgun License to do so.

2. You need to know where firearms are prohibited by law.

3. Instruction will ensure that you understand the most important concepts in the use of force in self defense and the defense of others.

  • Castle Doctrine
  • Stand Your Ground

4. Having a Handgun License demonstrates that you have learned Oklahoma Law 

5. Having a Handgun License demonstrates that you are proficient in the use of a handgun.

6. Having a Handgun License demonstrates to any law enforcement in which you come into contact that you are a law-abiding citizen.